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Aqueduct Liner (Pond Liner) Installation

The section of the canal to the east of the aqueduct blew out in 1882 due to muskrat holes. Poor soil was used to repair the bottom and sides of the canal. The canal officially closed in 1917. The canal prism leaked badly when the aquduct was completed in 2009. We used a 111 foot by 111 foot pond liner to cover and seal the sideds and bottom of the prism.

Click photos below to view at larger size.

Canal drained

Canal drained–Fall 2013.

Photo of excavation

Chuck Longyear of Landmasters Landscape & Construction excavates a "notch" where the edge of the liner will be placed and sealed.

Photo of trench excavation

Excavation of trench to east to seal liner on bottom.

Photo of dam constrction

A dam was constructed inside the aqueduct to isolate the section of the prism to the east.

Photo of pressurized cement

Joe Menzel placed bentenite-portland cement mixture under pressure to seal leaks on towpath and bottom.

Photo of sealing liner to aqueduct

Sealing liner to bottom and sides of wooden aqueduct.

Photo of liner unfolded

Liner is unfolded and placed on bottom and sides of prism by volunteers and Landmaster.

Photo of volunteers placing liner

"All together now!", Yes, it is raining!

Photo of volunteers running pumps

Volunteers on towpath running pumps.

Photo of stones placed on liner

No. 2 river stone placed on liner to prevent raising of liner. Vents were placed under liner to vent gases.

Photo of truck shooting stones on top of liner

Trucks "shoot" stones onto liner.

Photo of stones used to anchor liner

Ten truck loads of stone used to anchor liner.

Photo of completed liner

Liner complete, the water is rising. "Water, water, everywhere"





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