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Sims' Museum is now AIR CONDITIONED. The museum is a replica of the original Sims' Canal Store which was located on the Canal approximately 2 miles east of its present location. The original site was closer to Gere Lock and Belle Isle. There it took advantage of the fact that the boats had to stop there before entering the lock and/or stopping at Belle Isle.

The museum is divided into many sections. The store section is a replica of the original with many ARTIFACTS of the past and includes a QUAINT GIFT SHOP. There is also a LOCAL HISTORY section, an ERIE CANAL BARGE display, an 1800's ROOM, and a section describing the BUILDING OF THE CANAL including some of the TOOLS used. An INCREDIBLE WALL MURAL of a boat traveling over the Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct can be viewed on the second floor.

There are several NEW exhibits including a FINELY DETAILED FULLY FURNISHED DOLLHOUSE dipicting life in the 1800's and an OLD FASHIONED WASHING STATION.

photo of Sim's Museum

Sims' Museum as seen
from north side of canal


Inside Sims' Museum is an authentic canal store, complete with many artifacts that would have been available for sale to canal families


Tupelo Grove - salt pipe display

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